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Bittmans note: Some of your problems may be inherent of not having correct files, bad files, etc. Make sure you have done this first...

This Faq might look familiar to some of you, but since I personally made most of the modifications to it lately I'd say it's ok to rip it off from it's original source wink.gif
These are download links for the NEWEST KRO and SAKRAY

but you cant directly download yet cause you have to set up a proxy to korean servers cause gravity decided that they would only let ppl in korea download the KrO. so to configure your download manager's proxy use this IP address using Port 6421 than check to make sure your download manager is checked to use this proxy with SOCKS 4. than use the LINK to download the clients

A list of WORKING KRO/Sakray links:



*new links provided by shino4* <- Site for both kRO and Sakray.


When you need to update the files, you must have a korean IP address! Thanks to jermz for finding this link, which has detailed instructions on using FlashGet, and a listing of dozens of alternate Korean proxies for when the one posted above isn't working:

To do this in Internet Explorer, click the following:

1) Tools
2) propreties
3) connections
4) lan settings
5) check mark the proxy server
6) Set address to
7) Set port to 80
9) Remember to undo that after patching.

To do this in Firefox, click the following:

1) Tools
2) options
3) general
4) connection settings
5) manual proxy configuration
6) Set HTTP address to
7) Set port to 80
9) check "Use same proxy for all protocols"
10) Remember to undo that after patching

If auto-patch doesnt work, manually patch:

1)Download all the files here:
2)Place these files in your RO folder (../Gravity/RO)
3)Execute the file "patchup.exe"
4)It will update/repack

5)Download all the files here:
6)Place these files in your RO folder (../Gravity/RO)
7)Execute the file "Sakup.exe"
8)It will update/repack

****For anyone getting .rgz and .txt errors when manually patching, follow these instructions courtesy of Cronium

Errors that this will fix:

"Failed to get 2004-08-05aRagexeAD.rgz"
"Failed to get ‚¶ƒ³‚±ƒ€”ƒ†‚¨ƒ€ƒ€‚¿‚¡‚¼­ƒ’ƒ€“‚½ƒ€ƒ€‚¬‚¶ƒ³ƒ‚ƒ’‚¾ƒ°ƒ€ ‚®‚¸‚¦‚¹ƒž‚¾ƒ€ ƒƒ€“‚½ƒ ‚½ƒ’‚¿ƒ¤.txt"

Fixing "Failed to get 2004-08-05aRagexeAD.rgz"
1. Open Ragnarok.exe and let it fail.
2. Open patch2.txt in your RO folder and search for "2004-08-05aRagexeAD.rgz"
3. Replace "2004-08-05aRagexeAD.rgz" with "2004-08-05AD.rgz"
4. Save the file and enable read only.
5. Open Ragnarok.exe and let it finish patching.
6. Disable read only for patch2.txt

Fixing "Failed to get ‚¶ƒ³‚±ƒ€”ƒ†‚¨ƒ€ƒ€‚¿‚¡‚¼­ƒ’ƒ€“‚½ƒ€ƒ€‚¬‚¶ƒ³ƒ‚ƒ’‚¾ƒ°ƒ€ ‚®‚¸‚¦‚¹ƒž‚¾ƒ€ ƒƒ€“‚½ƒ ‚½ƒ’‚¿ƒ¤.txt"
1. Open Sakray.exe and let it fail
2. Open patch2.txt in your RO folder and search for "‚¶ƒ³‚±ƒ€”ƒ†‚¨ƒ€ƒ€‚¿‚¡‚¼­ƒ’ƒ€“‚½ƒ€ƒ€‚¬‚¶ƒ³ƒ‚ƒ’‚¾ƒ°ƒ€ ‚®‚¸‚¦‚¹ƒž‚¾ƒ€ ƒƒ€“‚½ƒ ‚½ƒ’‚¿ƒ¤.txt"

3. Delete this line completely and move the rest of the lines up. (Leaving no space at the top of the file)
4. Save the file and enable read only.
5. Open Sakray.exe and let it finish patching
6. Disable read only for patch2.txt

NOTE: To enable read only RIGHT CLICK the file and press properties. Near the bottom of the screen that pops up will be a checkbox that reads Read Only. Check this and press Apply followed by OK. Disabling read me is done by unchecking the box and pressing apply followed by OK

Congratulations you have patched your Ragnarok correctly and completetly.

new Guide to using Flashget, DAP 7 and help with installing kRO/Sakray:

Final Step: Your server's patch

Download the newest server patch and use the patcher to get new updates


Note:- If you are getting sprite errors because of you are using iRO or an old kRO Installer then you should download the latest installer.

1117, 1207, 1228 (from 2004), and 0315, 0329, 0628, 0802, 0830, 0927 and 1025 (from 2005) should NOT to be used to install anymore.
These are too old and will not patch successfully. If you have these, I recommend to delete them and download the latest 0117 ones.
If you try and patch using these versions the patcher will crash because theres too much patch data to download.
Because of this I have removed all links to installers 1025 and older from this guide.

If you are having trouble downloading using the direct download links in this guide or you prefer to use 'filefront' or 'bit-torrent'.
There are a few download links right at the bottom of this post.

If you have any alternate download links that I don't have here, please PM them to me or post them here, thanks.

*** Direct Downloading of kRO Ragnarok and Sakray ***

Before you start downloading, make sure your hard-drive has at least 5 Gb of free space.
(2.5Gb for the downloaded installers plus 2.5Gb to install the game)

I recommend to install a download manager to help speed up the download.
I use "Internet Download Manager", you can get it from the page below
You can use any download manager you like, it doesn't have to be "Internet Download Manager"

After you have installed "Internet Download Manager", Start It from the startmenu and click "Options" on the toolbar
Go to the "connection" tab and change the default max connection number to:
"1" (recommended for 56k dial-up connections)
"2" (recommended for 64kbit to 256kbit connections)
"4" (recommended for 384kbit to 512kbit connections)
"8" (recommended for 768kbit or faster connections)
If your not sure on what speed you have, then use "4" connections.
After you have set this, Click on OK to close the options window.

Click the 'Add URL' button on the toolbar and paste in a Ragnarok Installer Link and click OK
Browse to a folder you want to save it into and click 'download later', and repeat for the Sakray Installer Link.

Don't click the link on this page, if you want to test if the link works, paste the link into another browser window.
If the download starts then you can cancel the download and paste the link into 'Internet download manager'.
If the download doesn't start or takes more then 30 seconds to connect try another download link.
If all the download links are not working, you may have to use bit-torrent or filefront to download (see the bottom of this post).

** Latest 0117 Installer Direct Download Links **

Please don't click the links on this page, paste them into your download manager or a new browser window instead.
If you get a "503 - Service Unavailable" or a "Refused Connection" error that means the server is overloaded.
If you get a "404 - Not Found" error that means the server is currently offline.
Try using another download server mirror or use filefront or bit-torrent to download.

Ragnarok 0117: (1022.92mb, Latest Installer, 17th January 2006)

Downloads From "Atfile" FTP Servers Mirrors:

Download from ""

Download from the official kRO website:

Downloads from other mirror locations:

Sakray 0117: (857.74 MB, Latest Installer, 17th January 2006)

Downloads From "Atfile" FTP Servers Mirrors:

Download from ""

Download from the official kRO Website:

Download from other mirror locations:


The downloads from the official kRO website might not work for everyone as gravity has blocked some ISP's from downloading.
If one server is slow / overloaded, try another server or try filefront / bit-torrent (links at bottom of post)

** Starting The Download **

Now click the 'start queue' button on the toolbar and wait for the download to finish
If the download does not start within a minute, starts and finishes quickly, or is very slow,
Delete the files in the queue (if they are still there) and try adding one of the other links.

After the download has finished, Internet Download Manager may need to rebuild the file this may take a couple of minutes depending on your hard-drive speed. The installers will be downloaded into "My Documents > Downloads > Programs" so if you didn't change the default download folder try looking there.

*** Preparing to Install the Ragnarok and Sakray Client ***

If you havn't had a ragnarok client installed before or you have an old version of kRO installed then you can skip to the "Installing the kRO Ragnarok Clients" section.

If you have had the 'iRO Ragnarok Client' installed you must uninstall it before installing the kRO clients.
if you wish make a backup of your screenshots, chats, and emblems before you uninstall.

If you are not sure how to uninstall, open "My Computer", then open "Control Panel" and double click "Add / remove programs", You may have to wait for the list of installed programs to appear, when it appears find 'Ragnarok Online' in the list and highlight it you will see a "change / remove" button, click it and the uninstall program will start.

A window should open asking are you sure you want to uninstall. click yes and it should now be uninstalled.
You will also need to remove "Ragnarok Sakray", so repeat the steps above.

*** Installing the kRO Ragnarok Clients ***

You can view the entire install process with pictures (that are not links) here

Run the Ragnarok setup file you downloaded and on the first window click the first button, click here for a picture

On the second window, click the first button this will enable the second button
Click the second button and this will continue to the third screen, click here for a picture

On this screen you can set a custom install folder if you need to, otherwise leave it as default
After the folder has been set, click the bottom middle button, click here for a picture

Wait for it to finish installing, click here for a picture

After the install has finished uncheck the check-box and click the button,click here for a picture

Run the sakray install and repeat steps above. You need to install ragnarok and sakray to the same folder
If your the install stops with an error then make sure you have enough disk space, you will need at least 2gb free space.
if you have enough free space, then your installer may of gotten corrupted during download.
There is a way to fix it using Bit-torrent, you can find a guide on how to repair your installers here

** Patching Ragnarok and Sakray **

You now need to Patch Ragnarok and Sakray by using the shortcuts on the desktop
or by opening the 'Ragnarok.exe' and 'Sakray.exe' files in your Ragnarok Install Folder.
Wait for the Patcher to connect to the patch-server and download the patches.
After the Ragnarok and Sakray patches have finished downloading, the first button should
turn 'blue' when you put your mouse over the button. Click the 'Last' button to exit the patcher.
Click Here for a Picture
You will need to patch BOTH kRO Ragnarok and kRO Sakray

Here is an 'english translated' kRO PatchClient for Ragnarok and Sakray (312kb)
use this only if you are getting an error message or are having problems when trying to patch kRO Ragnarok or Sakray.
Unzip it to your ragnarok folder and overwrite all files if asked to overwrite.
Link 1 - Link 2
(you'll need to wait 45 seconds for the link to appear on Link 1, it appears in the top right corner)

Make sure you open the kRO Ragnarok and kRO Sakray Patchers at least once a fortnight to download any recent updates.
If you update at least once a week then you will not have to download the install files ever again biggrin.gif

Below is a list of Bit-Torrent and File-Front Mirrors if you are having trouble downloading using the direct download links.

** Install Files hosted on Filefront (open these in your web browser) **

You cannot use a download manager to download from filefront.

** 0117 Installers (Latest) **
Ragnarok 0117 - Part 01 (524.52Mb) :
Ragnarok 0117 - Part 02 (508.57Mb) :
Both files need to be placed in the same folder and then extracted using winrar, starting from Part 01.

Sakray 0117 (856.74Mb):

If the links are broken you can go to and find the files named:
RAG SETUP0117.part1.rar, RAG SETUP0117.part2.rar and SAK SETUP0117.exe
You will need Winrar to extract the Ragnarok installer from the two part file, you can download it from

** Rapidshare **

Once you have finished downloading one part you will need to wait about 80 minutes to be able to download the next part.
All files need to be placed into the same folder and then extracted using winrar, starting from Part 01.

** Bit-Torrent Files **

Ragnarok 0117 Torrent:
Sakray 0117 Torrent:
Ragnarok Online Bit-Torrent Tracker:

If you have a corrupted installer (one that shows an error during install) you can repair them with bit-torrent.
You will need to have a bit-torrent client like bit-comet installed.